Jazz & Dance Improvisations

Jazz & Dance Improvisations @ The Heliconian Hall in Yorkville
Get your tickets online now! Jazz & Dance Improvisations
A collaboration of Jazz Piano, Bellydance, African Dance and Vocals with Bob Ruglass, Chemagne, Jay Davis and Lua Shayenne. And a special guest appearance by Roger Williams on Bass.
Sat. April 22, 2017
Heliconian Hall
35 Hazelton Ave. Yorkville, Toronto
Jazz & Dance Improvisations
Bob Ruglass – Jazz Pianst
Chemagne – Bellydancer
Jay Davis – Vocalist
Lua Shayenne – African Dancer
Roger Williams, special guest – Bass
$35 in advance
$45 at the door
Tickets online at eventbrite: Jazz and Dance Improvisations
Alcohol Will Be On Sale
Doors Open At 7:30pm Showtime At 9pm
For More Info. Contact Chemagne Dance – 416-803-5552
ER-7 Musik & Chemagne Dance Presentation
Heliconan Hall Is An Acoustic Hall In The Heart Of Yorkville
35 Hazelton Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 2E3
There is green P parking available on Yorkville Avenue and Cumberland Street, as well as limited street parking right on Hazelton Avenue.
Take the Cumberland exit at the Bay subway station. Walk north along the pedestrian walkway to Yorkville Avenue. Cross the pedestrian crossing at Yorkville Ave. and continue on Hazelton Avenue, where you will see The Heliconian Hall on your right hand side just after Scollard Street.

Chemagne / George Sawa – Taqsim Improvisation

On Feb.13, 2015, I had the wonderful experience of performing a taqsim improvisation. The musical piece was an older Egyptian style played on the Kanun by Dr. George Sawa and interpreted by me through dance and movement. In this video different modes of emotions were exhibited by me as I was really trying to express the feelings from the musical piece played by Dr. George Sawa.

Click on link for  Taqsim Improvisation performance on you tube






New Beginnings!

After performing and observing bellydance for so many years, I have finally to come to the conclusion, that I can contribute more creative aspects to the art form, and that I have to approach the dance from a different perspective.

In my last 3 videos which were recorded in nature, the energy from the outdoors was much different than performing in a stage setting.

I have added different elements to my performances which birthed new and creative ideas on presenting my work as a Bellydance artist. I accept that I am not a conformist or a follower. The creative process of this project was exhilarating, and I’m really glad that I am able to share it with you.

Chemagne Bellydancing to Bob’s Ruglass’ Memories of Afrika!

Bellydancing on Rogers Daytime Toronto with Glenn Dixon!

I love Daytime Toronto! It was so much fun to be on a show with really great guests, a fantastic TV crew and the host Glenn Dixon. I had an opportunity to promote my new instructional video and do a short performance. Glenn was a real sport doing some bellydance moves with me.

Belly Dancing On Daytime Toronto!

I received the email that Daytime Toronto would like to bring me on the show. I was so humbled and thrilled. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect on the day of the show. I was a bit nervous as I thought it was a live taping. But everything turned out fabulous! Val Cole was a really great host, lots of energy, and a very upbeat personality! I had a really great time showing her some moves. She got the hip circle right after a few minutes.